About Paula Roberts

I have worked in natural health for over 17 years, and during this time have studied many other disciplines including aromatherapy and herbalism.

I also worked with flower remedies, homeopathy and nutrition with Neal's Yard Remedies in London for over a decade, so often incorporate a range of complementary remedies to gain the best results from a course of reflexology treatments.

I’m passionate about this holistic and rounded approach to health, which has led me to develop my own unique methods incorporating reflexology, massage, remedies and relaxation techniques.

I have 3 children and used reflexology through each of my pregnancies. This led me to train and work as a Doula, and I continue to treat my own children with reflexology whenever the need arrises, or just when they need some relaxation and care.

I get immense satisfaction from helping women make their pregnancy and birth an empowering and positive experience, and believe that with advice, information and support all women can feel more confident about achieving the birth they want.

"I’m passionate about a holistic and rounded approach to health"

"I’m passionate about a holistic and rounded approach to health"


Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing tradition which enables imbalances or energy blockages to be found and treated.

Your first session will begin with a consultation about yourself, your medical history and what you would like to achieve.

Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

Studies and other extensive evidence have shown that reflexology can have major benefits before, during and after pregnancy, improving the likelihood of a healthy natural conception and birth.